First Baptist Church of Mathis, Texas
Tuesday, September 22, 2020


While ministries of the church are vital, they are not the lifeblood of the church - people are. Therefore, our church's ministries are designed to help unite and build community among every member as we grow our faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:4-16).
Discipleship Ministry: We view discipleship as the circular process of bringing people to saving faith in Jesus Christ, building them in that faith, and equipping them to be used by God in concert with the Holy Spirit to lead others to salvation. 
Worship Ministry: While worship is far greater than just music, we recognize the vital connection between the two. Our goal is to expand worship in our minds and hearts so that it transcends an hour on Sunday and becomes a lifestyle.
Student Ministry: Perhaps there is no greater challenge in life than one's teen years. We desire to partner with parents and help each student not to just survive these often difficult times, but to thrive during them as they discover their identity in Christ and impact their family, campus, and world for the glory of God.
Children's Ministry: Statistics indicate that most people develop a personal relationship with Christ during their childhood years; therefore, we view this ministry as foundational and vitally important and seek to invest and build into children and families.
Outreach Ministry: This is an area of ministry that is not optional for a believer in Christ - it is simply a part of life. As a church, we strive to connect with our community in numerous ways to share the gospel message.